The Louisville Artists Syndicate exists to cultivate an inclusive arts community through creative experiences in Louisville.

We strive to provide opportunities for artists to SHOW recent creative work for everyone in the community to experience and take an active role in the creative process. We serve as a PLATFORM to converge the community with individuals making creative work, such as visual art, music, film, culinary, literary, and performance arts. We believe the resulting SYNTHESIS simultaneously benefits the artist and builds community. We believe ACCESSIBILITY and EXPLORATION create a welcoming environment that is entertaining and inspiring. We believe that creativity is not a closed process, and that our events promote COLLABORATION between artist and community. We believe that creativity is FUN and INSPIRING for EVERYONE.

The Louisville Artists Syndicate encourages open participation for everyone.


We cultivate opportunities for a network of artists to collaborate with the community in artistic acts. Our events typically, but not always, involve several components of art, including a visual art exhibition, performance art, collaborative installations, musical performances, film projections and a hybrid of mediums that comes naturally when working with so many creative people. Many of our events require a small admission fee to support our operations. Donations are graciously received, and go directly to supporting us and the artists in creating platforms and opportunities for the community to experience art, and for the artists to experience a community. In some occasions, we partner with other non-profit organizations to assist in their sustainment,  as we believe in the perpetuating good forces of their work in our community.


The Syndicate is comprised of a small operating board of volunteers that builds the framework for future events and actions. We encourage anyone that is interested in what we do to contribute by sharing ideas about future events and partnerships, collaborating with us to realize events, and make new things happen creatively for the city of Louisville.


We were founded in 2011 under the umbrella of the Louisville Visual Arts Association. We held meetings in various coffee shops with a fluctuating group of people, holding most of our activities at the LVAA’s former home: the Historic Louisville Water Tower. Our first year was marked by a successful monthly line-up of Third Thursday events that featured visual art, music and film, and also supported artists by hosting critiques and funding opportunities.


We meet every Third Thursday to hold an open forum for artists and community members who want to be a part of creating an inclusive arts community. We encourage artists and art enthusiasts to bring their ideas and observations to the table for engaging in creative actions. We strongly believe in the power of community and how artistic participation can positively influence everyone.