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Thinking globally, acting locally.”

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“Globalization” is at the forefront of every industry – economics, business, agriculture…and art! In the same wave but on the other end of the spectrum, “Localism” (think: Buy Local, locavore, etc) has become the focus of community attitudes, activities, and economies.


You are invited to participate in a collaborative exchange project, hosted by Stacey Reason. Stacey is currently a Master of Arts candidate at the University of Louisville, as well as an Executive Board Member and active developer of the Louisville Artists Syndicate. This project was conceived with inspiration to connect two groups of artists in the Louisville area: established artists that participate in the Artists Breakfast Group and emerging artists that participate in the Louisville Artists Syndicate. The resulting works will be on display at the Patio Gallery at the Jewish Community Center from June 16 to July 14, 2013. Due to the limitations of the space, 15 artists from each group will be selected to participate in this exchange project. Artists that are not currently participating in the Artist Breakfast Group Exhibition that is on display at the Patio Gallery will be given preference, and chosen randomly.


  1. ROUND 1: Receive your beginning packet. Start your piece. Fill out the information sheet.
  2. Return the (unfinished) piece and information sheet to Stacey by the deadline.
  3. ROUND 2: Receive a different piece. Create a completed work of art. Complete the information sheet.
  4. Return the completed piece and information sheet to Stacey.
  5. Attend the opening reception at the Patio Gallery and purchase desired works.


APRIL 1: ROUND 1 BEGINS! Receive starting materials + information sheet.
APRIL 22: Deadline to return ROUND 1.
MAY 6: ROUND 2 BEGINS! Receive your piece to collaborate with.
MAY 31: Deadline to return completed collaborative artworks + information sheets to Stacey.
June 16 – July 14: Exhibition at Patio Gallery, JCC
Sunday, June 16, 2-4pm: Opening Reception


“Cosmopolitan Localism” is the theme of this project and participants can choose how to approach this intentionally broad topic. The inherent duality of the two participating artists groups is mirrored in the duality of the theme and is meant to inspire reflection and commentary on the current condition of contemporary life.


The completed works will be on display in the Patio Gallery at the Jewish Community Center at which time they will be available for purchase at a set price of $150 each. If sold, JCC will take a 35% commission on the retail price of each work, and the remaining profit will be split 50/50 between the two participating artists. The works that do not sell during the length of the exhibit will be distributed back to the artists. The artist that BEGAN the work (the ROUND 1 artist) will have default ownership of the work. Participants can work out alternative ownership individually, if desired.


The basic format of the project is conducted in two rounds. In ROUND 1 you will start a work of art that is under the theme of “Cosmopolitan Localism.” In ROUND 1, each artist will start a work of art that is in any medium and any dimension, but should not exceed 36” in any direction. In other words, you may begin a 2D or 3D work. You should return the object to Stacey at Spalding University by the ROUND 1 DEADLINE and then be given an object in return.


You should make additions and subtractions to the piece as you feel appropriate to make it a completed work of art that remains relevant to the theme of “Cosmopolitan Localism.” You will have three weeks to complete the work. Return the completed work to Spalding University by the deadline, May 31.


All contributions to this project must remain anonymous. Participants will be paired with an artist from the other group, in other words, every Artist Breakfast Group member will be paired with a Louisville Artists Syndicate Member, and vice versa.


AS YOU FINISH YOUR PIECE IN ROUND 2: If your completed work is meant to be presented on the wall, it should be equipped with a wire to hang using the existing hanging system in the gallery. For example, if you wish to use paper, please prepare a frame or presentation solution that includes a wire to hang from; if using wood or canvas, secure a wire to the back of the piece, no sawtooth hangers.

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