Curated Exhibition Call


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My name is Stacey. I’m a graduate student in the middle of curating an important, two-part exhibition. I have some open space, and I am looking for additional artists interested in showing their latest work that may address the themes present. Please look over the description below and send me some snapshots of your work and a brief conceptual statement, if possible. I am open to inquiries, even if their relation to the theme is a stretch, so please email me: staceymreason(at)

Thank you.

(NOTE: it is important that the work is a recent project, as part of my concept is considering artists that are exploring new conceptual territory and interacting with new materials, similar to the experience that a visitor to a gallery may have.)

Alli Wiles Gregory Scott Cook

Working Title/Theme: “Exploration/Interaction”

This exhibition considers these questions:  How do we develop an understanding of ourselves while finding our way through life? How does our relationship to place and displacement affect us?  How do we configure ourselves within the myriad of inputs due to the plugged-in-ness of our current lifestyle? How much has technology affected the way we perceive, interact, explore, and live? What does the crossover between analog and digital look like and how does it affect us?

This exhibition will focus on similarities in differences. 

Urban and rural. Digital and analog. Tactile and ephemeral. Technology and infrastructure, introspection and reflection. The work will take the viewers into themselves in order to look back out onto the world. The selected artists work with several different approaches to answering the questions posed and address the similarities in differences. Some of the artists have gone into nature to find self-examined solace, into the woods and the plains, as an escape of the urban clamor. Observations about the connections made between the two different lifestyles bring frequencies and rhythms of each end of the spectrum into the spotlight. Others have embraced the compounded sensory experience of modern life and built layers within their work. Material evidence resonates the constant seeking that we all endure in our saturated lifestyles. Other artists compound materials and visual cues to explore the humanistic terrain. Light, sound, construction, visualization, and presence will create a place for viewers to explore and interact, ultimately reflecting within themselves to find answers and interpretations of what these artists have explored and interacted with.


Exhibition Dates:

Huff Gallery at Spalding University, Louisville Kentucky: March 2 – April 13, 2014, Reception: Friday, March 7, 6-9pm

New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, University of Southern Indiana, New Harmony, Indiana: April 19 – May 30, 2014, Reception: Friday, May 30, 2014

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