Art Shows at DKD

The Louisville Artists Syndicate strives to provide opportunities for artists to showcase recent creative work for everyone in the community to experience and take an active role in the creative process.

One way we practice this is by providing artists to showcase a body of work at the local Bardstown Road restaurant: Dragon King’s Daughter.



Art shows are generally one to two months in length and, due to the nature of the space, is limited to 2-dimensional work. (or at least work that can hang on the wall unobtrusively)

The restaurant has two dining rooms and a bar where art is able to be exhibited. An artist may apply to have a “solo” show in half of the space, with room for 15-25 artworks depending on the size.

While both the Syndicate and DKD owner’s do not practice sensorship, the nature of the space has certain limitations… The Curator and Staff reserve the right to edit a body of work based on appropriateness for the space.




1. Send an email to Stacey at with…

2. A few images that represent the body of work you will show, and…

3. A brief description of the work.

Shows are assigned on an availability basis. Stacey serves as curator of the space and will assist in the selection and installation of the work. Openings are optional, but are limited to Monday nights. The Artist is responsible for all labels and statement to post (if desired). DKD receives 30% on all sales, checks will be written at the end of the show for the total amount for all pieces sold, less the commission. A detailed price list should be submitted with the work, commissions built into the price.

DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER is an up-and-coming Bardstown Road staple, with jam-packed weekends and eclectic staff. Check out more about DKD at